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We all love a good cumshot, right? I mean, is there anything hotter than having your cum spewed and smeared all over the body of the girl you just fucked senseless? It almost feels like trophy of some sort, a physical representation of the accomplishment and fun action you just completed. Am I right? So it’s even better when it’s a facial. That dick wrote all over her face, and she loved it. You have to check out these photos of facials to get a better sense.
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I mean, why wouldn’t you want your mans cum all over your face? If you are willing to suck dick, you should be willing to have cum on your face. Doesn’t it have tons of minerals and shit in it? Make your skin silky smooth with my milky white.

But seriously, these videos of women getting facials are so awesome and sexy. Sweating, hot, naked women wait for their reward as a man slides his dick from her pussy and releases cum all over her face. There’s that joke that it’s the leading cause of blindness, but come on. Who cares when it’s that hot!
I can’t express how much I think you all need to go check out these photos and watch these videos of people getting facials. Cumshots are great and all, but let’s keep it specific and simple. To the face or no cigar.

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