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So Adrienne Bailon decided to be a Kardashian and suddenly, the Kardashian’s jinx followed her. Back in 2008, sexy pictures of Bailon were leaked online and the talented actress come singer was slaying in each of them. First let us talk about her massive bum. She has carried some weight on her posterior and she knows it. This is the main reason why in most of these nudes, she bends that ass in a way that would immediately give you a boner. I also love how it is slightly curved going mountainous and they steep as you go down towards the legs. These are the kind of butts you will only find in mainland Africa.

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I will not also forget those titties that always seem to rebel their bra. She has
massive titties that always seem to create a trench between the breasts. This makes her
chest appear like two body bumps especially when she strolls on her 6 inch heels and the
chest is casted ahead while her bust is left behind.


We are yet to see Adriene fully naked, her pussy scattered on the screens or her
fingers doing the little walk over her clit. We are therefore looking forward to the next
fappening. We really hope this will bigger and better.

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