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There is something about Amy Adams red head i am told they are always crazzzzier than the ordinary girls but too bad Amy is not real headed or maybe its just the red stereotyped. Sure she is not the nerds most famous celebrity like the Star Wars girl Daisy Ridley but hey she starred in the best movie American Hustle not long ago with Jennifer Lawrence together and she did amazing. Amy is naturally blonde and if you think I am kidding about their crazy part then you should be watching American Hustle right now.

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Amy walks out of the court house without panties on and yes the picture you are about to view are her real no underwear pics so all Amy psycho followers please get ready…
It is unfortunate that there are not so many nude pics of Amy …too bad she is very classy and has never posed for any magazines. The only few nude scenes we manage to unearthen are those from movies that got edited out. It is too bad she is wasting all these beauty lol.


Sure she is not your pop singer super star Rihanna who became the bad girl and crazy as hell. How ever to be honest she is a pastie on her pussy and its common thing to use on movie sets and its not her real vagina showing under that dress. Also did you know that Amy-Adams is not a real red head? She actually is dirty blonde in real life and is Australian Aussie girl and probably used to drink a lot of beer with her friends back in school.