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Amy Schumer might just be another comedian that makes you laugh but did you know she can also make you wet or even jerk in your trouser. Amy took her humor a notch higher but stripping for the Pirelli Calendar and let those goods hang off her body like she didn’t care. Well, it might have been tough for a woman who has never been comfortable in her skin but As we said. Amy Schumer Lost Lots of Weight and releases nude selfie on Twitter she looks amazing!

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Amy Schumer is super sexy she released a Fully naked Selfie to the public showing off her new weight Loss!! We always loved her for being funny now she is sexier then ever!

Amy took her jokes far enough by making fun of star wars with hersex symbol pictures such as performing felatio to a light saber. It is interesting enough toknow that in spite of her being heavy, she still eats a lot. That is why people have goneahead and branded her the fat comedian. But hey, what is more important in this industry than being comfortable in your own skin?

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In spite of all these, she still agreed and went ahead to pose on nothing but onlyher string underwear, her pair of sandals and a white short. Even though we are always used to the perfect nude photos of some models, I have to admit, Amy Schumer indeed has her own sexy side too.