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I am sure all of you watched Steve Harvey’s epic fail when he announced the
winner Miss Universe pageant 2015. That was the moment of fame for Ariadna Gutierrez
who also served as Miss Colombia 2015. For a moment she trended and she was making
the news. Too bad, Ariadna became the shortest serving Miss Universe. This is because

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Steve Harvey had just made a mistake and the crown was snatched from her and awarded
to Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach of the Philipines who had happened to be the first runners up.
Honestly this was the worst embarrassment she had ever faced in her entire life
but hey, I have always said that publicity is publicity whether good or bad and for her ,
this publicity came with other endorsement.
Soon after her embarrassment, adult entertainment was all over making proposal
for her to appear in their movies. If such a chance were to be given to the likes of Miley
Cyrus whose nudes we have already seen here, then that would not be a biggy. In my
head I was thinking like hey, look at those features, if she ever agrees to do porn, trust
me, that company that will convince her will hit the jackpot. You watch this space.


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