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When there is a talk about nudes in magazines, the Name Charlie Riina will definitely not miss to appear somewhere. Charlie Riina is a playboy Armature that has appeared in almost all their copies. Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton’s nude pictures are even hotter then Miami model wannabe slut. However, what makes Riina stand out? Riina is a true symbol of beauty, a perfect goddess with curves of Aphrodite and a skin like a porcelain sculpture curved by some sex pervert somewhere in China.

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One of her attractive features is the boobies. Riina has well rounded tits that look well taken care of. Similarly, I cannot fail to mention her nice round and fine ass least we forget also her sexy lips. Riina wont make the top leaked celebrity nude pics of all times because she stopped being famous for us and went hiding. While some people were busy trying to see what the notorious hacker had leaked. Some of us had seen a collection of her nudes all over magazines. She is very sexy and she knows it. This is why she is very philanthropic with her skin. She should learn from The Hunger Games nudes actress Jennifer Lawrence because she knows how to turn on her audience with her sexiness.
Born Charlie Riina in January 4th 1984 is a Canadian Model and an actress famous for her photo shoots with playboy magazine. Miss Riina is also known for winning the Hawaiian Tropics, Miss Playboy Lingerie and Miss Toronto.


Judging from her age, Charlie Riina looks really young. We hope she will still take good care of her body and skin. These are her main investments.