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Her name is Daenerys Targaryen the mother of Dragons, the master slayers, the breaker of chains and many more names. Emilia Clarke has made her fans more than happy not only with the way she manages to steal the show and bring thrill into the Game of Thrones but the fact that she is also a campaigner of nudity on the Television series. Emilia wanted more dick to be brought on the screen. The GOT actress is the new Jennifer Lawrence with her nudes and to be honest she is sexier then JLaw.

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She first went nude in season 1 of the Games of Thrones where she was having sex with the crazy Barbarian Horseman. Then what followed was in season 3 in the bath tab. We get to see her naked with her breast all over. She actually looked really great. The last season that is season 6 now airing just confirmed that Emilia Clarke has a voice on the program. Her please were heard and we actually saw a penis on the screen. Even though this was very brief but that was progress. Emilia makes our Top Celebrity Leaked Nudes Picture Gallery because she is the new star of Hollywood. However, the show stealer during that episode was Emilia Clarke who went full nude after killing all the Khals in a great fire and walking out unscathed by the same fire.


She then goes ahead and leads the army of Dothraki. When asked about nudity on the show, she thinks it is healthy and should be encouraged with the support of more penis too.