Hannah Davis Nudes are the hottest

Hannah Davis Nudes are the hottest

If you are yet to recognize Hannah Davis, she is the hot girl from the DirectTV commercial. Unfortunately for Hannah, her nudes found their way into the internet and we could not wait to share them with you. At least sometimes we appreciate having some modest nudes like the ones for Hannah. Something far from Miley Cyrus and a little more decent. At least you cannot compare the two.

Smoking Hot Hannah Davis Naked Photos Leaked

One of Hanna’s striking features is her eyes. She has got some amazing green eyes. Then how can we go without mentioning her butts. I like them the way they are. Those are just the right size for me. From below, you could easily mistake her for Hillary Duff. Some of the nudes are not necessarily leaked. These were the ones from some of her photo shoots. However, there are others where she is taking selfies in front of a mirror while is half naked. Those were the leaked ones.


These photos were leaked during the second iCloud hack. We do not get a good look of her cute boobies but the way they look from the sides, they are just s beautiful as the owner. The lucky bastard banging this beautiful thing is none other than Derek Jeter, the former Yankees.