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Early this year Heather Morris decided to surprise us with another celebrity baby with her hubby Taylor Hubbell. We are really proud of them for making effort to give us another celebrity baby. Heather is surprisingly trying to become a better mother and showing good examples to her young family but what she forgets is the fact that the internet does not forget her past sins. Just like Angelina Jolie, The internet will judge you harshly due to her past nudes. And I am not just talking of naked but they are oodles and oodles of nudies.

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Apart from the fact that the House of Glee has been a house of scandals, Heather was the least of my expectations. She became a victim of the infamous fappening and these nude pics reveal that side of heather you have never known. For instance, I know most of you have never known that Heather has an awesome set of boobies. I also know that you have never seen her pussy and today, I ward you with this gift that will probably get some of you wet dreaming tonight.

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