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Hope Solo is a celebrated 33 year two time Olympic medalist. She is also a disappointed one after her intimate pics were leaked online. She was one of the victims of the fappening celebrity leaked nudes and some of her private stash were pulled out of the wardrobe. She expressed her disappointment on how people can invade other people’s private life. Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton has explicit nudes like Hope-Sole. Unfortunately, this is the cost we have to pay for the advancement in technology.

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Some of those revealed her completely nude without anything on. She left nothing for imagination. Now you can imagine the kind of disappointment considering, these are photos she should only be sharing with her boyfriend or husband.
The 33 year old is an American soccer goalkeeper, a world cup gold medalist and a two time Olympic gold medalist. This is no surprise that she is ranked as one of best goalkeepers on the planet. Well as sexy she is our most favorite Hollywood girl is still Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games Girl Pictures are so pretty!
It is just so sad that the internet knows no limit. As long as you are celebrity, there will always be someone out there who is out to attack you for their own selfish and malicious reasons.


It is imperative you learn keeping your private stash well and try as much as possible not take nude pictures. They always leak one way or the other.