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Iggy Azalea is another version of Miley Cyrus only that she is crazier and more fun. Iggy has appeared nude in a number of magazines but that doesn’t bother her. Her main concern is how the magazine presented her photo. This chick makes our Top Nude Celebrity Leaked Pictures of All Time (NSFW) celebrity nudes list. She appeared inside the issue of Schon! Magazine but she was not pleased with the fact that the magazine editors had to edit her hips to look tiny yet she loves them large, she further goes ahead and record a sex tape.

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As usual, the sex tape leaked and we could see the Beg For It rapper completely naked on the Sofa with her legs high. She is playing with the Dildo. She gently inserts it into her butt hole. She has a fat clitoris. Also she is kinda like sexy Ariana Grande’s photos who really is the famous one.
Born Amethysts Amelia Kelly in June 7th 1990 is known by her stage name Iggy Azalea. She is an Australian rapper, songwriter and a model. She earned her publicity through her You Tube videos “Two Times” and “Pussy”.


Igy is your typical raunchy girl who is not scared of showing off some skin. If that is not enough, she goes ahead and records herself masturbating on the sofa. Igy is also used to wearing her kinky dresses. Just anything that will be revealing for her is just okay.