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Jennette McCurdy and Miranda Cos-grove host their own internet show on the Nickelodeon series iCarly. The show is meant for high school student so there was no way Jennette would have stripped here but these disadvantaged her as her friend Ariana is getting all the publicity, she remained stuck on a teenager’s show and the best she could show was show her cleavage. McCurdy makes our top celebrity leaked nude list of all time because she Hollywoods sexiest naked girl.
Finally McCurdy is getting all the attention that she deserved. McCardy knew she could never go nude in the show but she could take nude pics of herself and save them on her iPhone. Thanks to the fappening, all her private stash was finally out in the public domain. She is kind of like The Hunger Games girl Jennifer Lawrence nude pics that where leaked in 2014. The internet was going brouhaha with her nudes and ohhhh people thought this is how a good girl goes rogue.

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Those photos are so real so there is no way McCurdy can disown her own self but apart from being real, they are also as raunchy ass they could get. How ever Sports illustrated model Kate Upton nude pics of all time top Jannette of course. McCurdy showed no moderation all the way from flashing and pressing her nipples to the camera shot to taking her crotch apart and displaying the beauty between them.


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