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There are a number of people out here With Katie’s fetish by the way she split from Jamie Foxx. Therefore you will agree with me these are some of the most anticipated nude pics of all times. In 1999, Katie tasted the carnal waters with a provocative peek of her breast. She makes our NSFW celebrity nude list for sure. Then came the movie Abandoned, where she decided to abandon her clothes and went half naked with only bras and a pair of panties on. In 2000, she also appeared partly naked. She decided to let out her girls to have some playful moments.

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She however had to take some time off when she got married to Tom Cruise and had a baby. She was needed to play the baby sitter to her kid sometime. Fortunately enough, the two are no longer together and her fans are hoping that she will be willing to show more skin more than ever before.
Born in 1978 Katie is an American model and an actress. We have included a number of Katie’s nude pics including her nip slips. We are still hoping that Katie will still feature in a lot of nude scenes in future. So far she has a few nudes under her name. However, there are a number of fake nudes of Katie all over the internet.


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