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The Kardashians have a way of ensuring that their names remain on our lips. One thing about the Kardashians like Kylie Jenner is that nude pics are unabashedly selfies but with the beauty in the family, this is justified. Just like her sisters, Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to nudes whether on screen or on tabloid. For instance during one of the footage of behind the scenes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, Kourtney is caught full nude.

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She looked nice but just as it was expected instead of feeling embarrassed; she started expressing how she was dissatisfied with the size of her ass. Unfortunately Kardashians are always known for their massive booties and this made Kourtney feel less of a Kardashian. The most awesome celebrity nude leaks if 2014 are the fappening gates gateway!
One of the reason Kourtney points to her loosing of her booty size is the fact that she has been going through a trauma after her sudden break up with Scott. Scott is also one of the few people accused to likely being the father to Khloe’s baby. You will definitely agree with me this is enough stress to cause the mother of three lose some weight.


The internet is hoping that in order to help Kourtney get over her ex but then the news got silenced by Kate Uptons naked ass showing up on a movie award, however Jenner-Kourtney should make stripping naked her hobby since it attracts more fans and keeps her from thinking much about Scott.