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Disney seems to breeding a clique of corrupted girls like Selena Gomez mega pop-star. Most of the girls I knew from teenage hood are either pornstars or strippers somewhere or they just discovered another hobby which is getting nude. Selena Gomez is another piece of ass that walked of Disneyworld. Im sure Jennifer Lawrence love to have a Latina booty like her and Daisy Ridley has no titts in Star Wars but her you always have Rihanna sexy naked photos floating around as well. Selena featured in Hannah Montana while she was still the innocent Selena we knew until she got corrupted. She happened to be my childhood crush until when she decided to break my heart and fell for Justin. Anyway I don’t regret it since I still got to see her naked thanks to Bieber who made her send him some of her naked pics.

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These photos of Gomez are legitimate and where taken either by her or some leaks form Instagram and the fappening. Selena has even shoot nude photos and just when I was thinking this girl should be damn innocent then came, the fappening. Poor soul that’s what you get when you are drop dead beautiful and everyone is fighting to see that sexy ass. Perhaps Cameron Diaz love a body like Justine Bieber’s ex. I am even wondering how a guy lets this piece of ass go this is just silly.


As I said, when you are drop dead sexy people will move mountains to see those boobies and so have the paparazzi been busy trying to get a shot Selena. The Heart wants what it wants singer is subject to many fantasies and I really hope she finds the man of her dreams. Meanwhile, before then she can be guaranteed that her nudes are safe with us.